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    victor writes: May 1, 2003
    i just come across this site and i wanted to know more about it.and the site is very good.

    Mark-Alan Mastrogiovanni writes: May 1, 2003
    I think it would be helpful for the ladies to know if their letter has been opened. There are times I think enough of a lady to read her letter but I may not have enough time to answer it for a few weeks since I'm running a couple businesses and have two children to care for. Since the cost to just read a letter is fairly high I probably only read one letter in ten and only from ladies that I do intend to respond to.
    Answer Army Of Brides Team:
    Thank you very much for leaving a message in our Guest Book. Your position is right: why should you read messages from ladies who do not interest you? And the agency can see whether you opened a letter from a certain lady or not, and inform a lady about it.

    Dom writes: May 1, 2003
    It may be a great idea to have a word with the ladies and actually ask them to write a letter when they sned one...insterad of just leaving it blank... this only leaves me to believe that the system is auto generating messages to get us men to pay for ladies that may not even exist......
    Answer Army Of Brides Team:
    Thank you for leaving a message in our Guest Book. To answer your request: you may ask for the phone number of the lady in your letter, all our ladies have at least contact phone number, and so you will be able to hear her voice and talk to her. All our ladies are real and want to meet their second half. They are ready to get acquainted with you by means of letters and phone calls, and meet with you. They use the services of the agency because they want serious men who do not play Internet games (if you pay for our services it means you are serious).

    Martin Godsk Jensen writes: May 1, 2003
    Hi :-)I also believe this is a good place, but I want to comment that it is made mainly for americans, what about all the european men, how about your service towards them. I appriciate the fact that I am now writting with a beautifull girl, which I hope to visit soon, and I have recomended your site to some friends.Keep up the good work, and I hope also to remove a girl from your cataloque soon.Best regardsMartin

    Tom writes: May 1, 2003
    Hi! Your site is good!

    Steven Sargent writes: May 1, 2003
    Dear Army of Brides team,I must politely decline your offer to register at your dating service. Fiveyears ago I began this process and fortunately I was able to use freeservices. I found my wife in Lugansk, Ukraine. We are happily married. I amglad to say that I completed this process using nothing more than my owncourage, knowledge, and hard work. I wish you luck in your business. But I would also caution all your clients,both Men in my country and the women in yours, that this process requiresmuch patience and a very high level of commitment. The adjustment for theladies is very very hard. I know first hand of the problems and thechallenges. My advice to the ladies is that they be very very careful in choosing apartner. I know that the conditions in your country are hard economically. Ihave been there. Because of that the women may be too eager to choose justanyone who can "rescue" them from a poor situation. But, they must ask verydeep questions about their partners and know them well. The men who respondto these ads are NOT the best ones. They are mostly the ones who are shunnedby the women in their own country. I have spoken with many sad women fromthe Former Soviet Union who now find themselves in marriages that they can'ttolerate but now have no where to turn and no money to do anything about it.My wife and I have even thought strongly of writing a book to help the womenof her former country to avoid falling into a problem relationship. I believe that there are women who will find a good match and be happy. Theymust know from the beginning that it is not easy and it will take a lot ofwork. My best advice to the women is that they learn English and learn it well ifit is an American partner that they seek. Communication is so important. I thought the adjustment might take 1 year. Then I thought maybe 2 years.Three years is more realistic. I know it can work between two people from different countries and cultures.Prepare your ladies. Just providing a way to communicate is not enough. Theyneed to know about life here and be ready to accept the changes and theproblems. I'm not against what you do. On the contrary I believe these women deserve agood life and good partners. It takes a lot of work to get there. E-mailcontact is only the first step. I wish all your ladies good luck.Sincerely,Steven Sargent

    Kalu writes: May 1, 2003
    I thank you for the services you render to guys like us who find ladies from your site.Much as I would like to become full (financial) member, one would have thought that you allow us read some of our mails sent by your ladies in celebration of this festive period.There is no other better way to attract enough patronage if not by occasional magnanimity.

    Jeff Eymann writes: May 1, 2003
    I must say that I am impressed with how you handle your business. :-)I feel now that you are good people to do business with. If I shoulddecide to again search for a foreign wife, I will certainly contactyou first!Kind regards,Jeff Eymann

    Scott writes: May 1, 2003
    I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to Julia I just spent a week with her in Moscow and we have started the paper work for her to move to America and we plan to get married. She will be in touch with you soon about removing her profile from your site. Thanks and best wishes.

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