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    Guest book. Records 135 - 126.

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    Nancy writes: Jan 23, 2005
    Won't have to worry about marriage for a while :) Tis fun to b single :P

    jeff writes: Dec 30, 2004
    Hello Arnold !Of course this buisness is a real shit,Internetsites like these are full of woman like yours !Greetings, Jeff
    Answer Army Of Brides Team:
    Dear Jeff,
    Yes, Internet sites are full of scammers, and only with the help of men, who are not afraid to uncover dishonest women we will be able to fight with this. Right now we are preparing materials for the web-site dedicated to anti-scam. We hope, men who were scammed will help us and this way we will warn others about dishonest women.
    Best wishes,
    Army Of Brides Team.

    Arnold writes: Dec 30, 2004
    Sir, I would like to bring to your attention "Natalia" profile #2886 is not only a scammer, but I have filed fraud charges against her with the FBI. I went through the "Fiancee Visa" process with her and sent her money for flights for her and her daughter to come to US. She did not come and gave various excuses, but in the mean time she added her profile to various sites and contacted other available "targets". I know this for a fact because I created a fictitious identity and wrote her myself. She is very good at what she does, ripping off men. If you require proof email me and I will send you 40+ pages of documentation.Sincerely, Arnold
    Answer Army Of Brides Team:
    Dear Arnold,
    Thank you very much for your message. We have deleted the profile. But we would like to receive your documentation and display it (with your permit) on our anti-scam pages, to warn other men about this woman.
    Best wishes,
    Army Of Brides Team.

    Tiger writes: Dec 20, 2004
    Yesterday I ordered an e-mail and address "package" and paid for with 3 BRIDKs. Where would I look to find this "package". Its been 24 hours and I could not find the address ordered. I also wrote to info@army-of-brides.com but have not received any answer from them.
    Answer Army Of Brides Team:
    Dear Tiger,
    sorry for delay. The matter is that addresses orders are processed manually, usually it is less than 24 hours, and we have a notifying message about it (you could see it after you placed an order).
    Best wishes,
    Army Of Brides Team.

    Kevin writes: Dec 19, 2004
    You are really fucking things up for me. Because of your f'd up delivery ... I missed a birthday delivery. i can't even login!!!
    Answer Army Of Brides Team:
    Dear Kevin,
    you could simply write and ask what the problem is or can be. The reason why you can't login is the settings for "cookies" on your browser. Apparently, you have changed them (if you were able to log in before). Check the settings: "cookies" should be enabled or prompt.
    Here are the steps you need to do if you use Microsoft Internet Explorer IE Version 6.X:
    Go to Tools on top of browser
    Choose Internet Options
    Click on the Security tab
    Default setting is medium. Move the slider to determine which setting you prefer
    You can also click on Advanced for more specific cookie settings.
    Scroll down to Cookies in the list and choose either: Enable or Prompt
    Scroll down to Allow per-session cookies (not stored) in the list and choose either:
    Enable or Prompt before accepting cookies
    Press OK
    Press Apply
    Press OK
    With best regards,
    Army Of Brides Team.

    Albert writes: Dec 17, 2004
    Ya nezhnyj chelovek, po-romantichnyj, po-iskrennij,po-vernyj,po-zabotlivyj. Ya ne znayu russkij.Lyubimiya Moya... are you reading? Send pic and what you need to me!!!Albert

    michael writes: Dec 13, 2004
    if any lady wants to get married ..send pic and what your looking for

    Garry Agan writes: Dec 7, 2004
    Your listing of member number 9850 is a knoqwn scammer, she asked me for money on another site, i have the emails to support this, she is also a known scammer check out www.antiscam.org or search google for Irina Stepanova Murmask, Russia she is also known by other names. BEWARE of this one.
    Answer Army Of Brides Team:
    Dear Garry,
    thank you for message, we have deleted the profile of Irina ID:9850. We try to keep our database clean, and really appreciate any comments our clients make about known or suspected scammers on our web-site.
    With best regards,
    Army Of Brides Team.

    Chris writes: Dec 6, 2004
    Great site, lots of cool content.People Relationship Dating

    Joel writes: Nov 26, 2004
    Dear A.of B. team, please have a look on the lady Elena 11246, she is the same Elena 5492, the difference is that the 11246 has a new photo. Probobably she (5492) updated the photo and you accidently registered her again! She also updated her profile: before she was a teacher, fluent english and now she is a lawyer, middle level english. (no problem with this, a lawyer can be a teacher and sometimes we overestimate our english skills !) Poka, Zhoel
    Answer Army Of Brides Team:
    Dear Zhoel,
    thank you for your message. yes, it is a duplicate profile and it was uploaded by mistake. We will delete the more recent one (11246).
    With best wishes,
    Army Of Brides Team.

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