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    Guest book. Records 170 - 161.

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    Noone writes: Aug 16, 2005
    Is this site scam free, my daubts refared from jims list, and most of the lates if not all is on anastasiaweb aswell. I need a long fat list with all the sincere agencies in Ukraine for a homepage, I'm about to make. I'm a fighter and will get deep into this.Cheers,
    Answer Army Of Brides Team:
    we do not know why, but Jim doesn't like our owner, Oleg Syedyshev - they have never met personally, Jim knows nothing about the way we work, and didn't ever asked us about it. Perhaps, it is because Jim is friendly with Angelika.net (Larry Gucciardo and David Stickney) who have had some misunderstandings with Oleg in the past.
    What is written in the "report" is not true - we do not steal profiles from any web-sites, we call each girl to verify her identity from our main office (which very few agencies do), and we DO look for partners - local marriage agencies to deliver mail for girls in their cities. All profiles on our web-sites are given by such local marriage agencies - they do not have their own web-sites, but they have women who want to find a foreign partner, so such agencies participate in our affiliate program. We do not hide anything from the said above - all this is written on our web-site pages. All big nets work on this scheme: one web-site with a lot of girls, many local agencies that deliver mail to ladies, do advertising in their cities, help men when they come to meet the lady personally.
    We would like to see some evidence given by Jim - but he doesn't give any on his web-site... He thinks himself the highest authority, the person who knows absolutely everything about scam... but how can he? Besides, it is not a secret that anti-scam web-sites are used as PR tools to advertise one site (Angelike.net, for example...) and blacklist its competitors.
    as for this article http://www.antiscam.net/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=232, it was posted by our former affiliate who tried to scam our client (we asked a web-site administration to give the IP address from which this message was posted, and found out it was the same they used to log in into their agency terminal). Find attached report on them, and be aware. All our clients who corresponded with their girls (or, rather, false profiles) received refund.
    If you have any further questions you can ask.
    Just an advice: you should read ALL information in the Internet, and "digest" it - do not believe everything you read, because to every good thing said you will find a bad one, and vice versa. Use the service of the agency you like better - and it is not necessarily ours, as we are pretty aware that we have a lot to improve. We are not going to spend time on proving Jim (and any other blacklists) that we are good, we'd better improve our services for the clients and unite more happy couples. It's a pity that our competitors want to fight us, by blacklisting our sites - they should be higher than this and concentrate on making their services better.
    Best wishes,
    Army Of Brides Team.

    GW writes: Aug 9, 2005
    Hey Guys don't use the PayPal portion to buy Bridiks. It is not what you want to get the credit right away. I learned the hard way. I have letters to be sent and waiting for something. Disappointed
    Answer Army Of Brides Team:
    The matter is you paid through PayPal using e-mail address different from the one you have in our database, and our program adds funds to the accounts taking into consideration e-mail address of the customer. Now we have added the second address you can use for payments, and hope in future there will be no misunderstandings when you pay with either e-mail address.
    Best wishes,
    Army Of Brides Team.

    voshmme writes: Aug 8, 2005
    Hi,Your site is great ... this is the only fact I can tell you in full honesty ...pls keep up the good jobBest regardsvoshmme

    conrad writes: Jul 27, 2005
    hi,i am about to write to a lady, how do i go about sending her a photo? at the end of my letter do i go into my picture file and attach?will that work, looking foreward to your answer and keep up the good work.conrad
    Answer Army Of Brides Team:
    Dear Conrad,
    If you have a profile in the On-Line Gentlemen's Catalog, the girl will get your pictre and data together with your fist letter, so you do not need to worry that she will not see how you look like when she gets a letter from you. In the course of corresponding you can exchange additional pictures. How you do it: You do not actually send attachments with your letters to women if you write a letter in the form on the web-site. If you want send some attached files to the woman we prefer you to send any additional photos or other files attached to your letter to info@army-of-brides.com . You just indicate your ID and ID of the lady, as well as you can write any instructions in this kind of letter. We forward attached files to respective local marriage agency, your photo will be printed with the letter you send to the woman. To forward 1 photo this way costs 1 BRIDIK.
    Best wishes,
    Army Of Brides Team.

    BitterSweet writes: Jul 26, 2005
    Dear Agency Staff!I am amazed by the beauty of the girls on your service! I just found some lady's ad and God, she's gorgeous! If she's really like that in reality I would do my best to marry her!14997 Katerina, you are perfect!

    MGBADA JOE ABA writes: Jul 12, 2005

    Arnold writes: Jul 5, 2005
    I contacted you earlier in May concerning "Lady" #14183. You stated you would check her out. After a closer look at her picture she is definitely #2886 which you removed earlier after I reported her. She is actually 40 years old and I reported her to FBI as a fraud because I went through the visa process and she never showed for the interview. Another item of interest is the other lady from a different site I went through the visa process with. The same week I received word the application was approved I got a letter she was sorry and getting back together with her ex after 11 years. He needed to give permition for the daughter to leave the country. Just something you other gentlemen need to look out for. In my opinion the K-1 visa process is over complicated and just another way for the government to make money when one considers all the illegal aliens from south of the border. Of course we must watch out for these women who are just looking for a better life, especially the ones with kids.

    Ayman Armani writes: Jul 3, 2005
    Hi,,,Its my first time ever to purchase via a dating site, and yes the way you presented your services convesed me to buy, wow cant beleive that i did it twice in 2 days, that means it works though i receved nothing yet but i trust that somthing for real will happen, may be i ll find what i am looking for here,,, i ll keep my fingers crossed for that,, thakns Ayman

    nonpareil writes: Jun 25, 2005
    Thank you for a look at these nice ladies. I plan to be in Kiev 12/31/005 to meet.

    Etoi randolph writes: Jun 13, 2005
    How do you keep scammers away I am so scared to even think about spending money if I don't get the real deal anyway do you offer a tour to russia?
    Answer Army Of Brides Team:
    Dear Etoi Randolph!
    We work with dating and marriage agencies in many cities of Ukraine and Russia. Women come to the agency and fill in the application form, leave their pictures and (it has become a rule now) show their passport for identification. That's how we make sure the girl is real. To verify that a woman is interested in our services and can be reached by the contact information provided by the agency, we call the girls. Of course, we can't know about women's real intentions when they only come to the agency, but by the way they behave, what they write in letters, etc. we can say whether they are scammers or not. But anyway we warn all our clients not to send money to girls.
    Best wishes,
    Army Of Brides Team.

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